One Month Jump Start Program


This plan is for those who want to start an exercise program, and who would like a good plan and some direction. You will get 12 workouts specifically for you using the Hystrength program, and a nutrition program that will help you lose fat and gain shapely muscle in the fastest way possible. The workouts will be progressive to insure you are on the right track to reach your goals. You will also have constant contact with your trainer so you can have your questions answered in a timley manner.

Gregg Hoffman          $90.00

Three Month Intermediate Plan


By the end of this plan, you will be well on your way to reaching your fitness goals. You will see a significant amount of fat loss and muscle gain. Your clothes will fit better. People will notice you are looking better. You will feel better too. This plan will include three months of workouts tailored to you, along with the proper progression you should be doing in your workouts. You will also have get the nutrition plan and follow up as well. Your workouts will also be more challenging, and because of that you will need less overall exercise to make gains. We will design your workout intensity, volume, and duration to reflect what you would need for your specific body. This plan averages out to $60.00 a month for Sharon and $80.00 a month for Gregg Hoffman. 

Gregg Hoffman          $240.00

Six Month "Pursuit of Excellence" Plan


This is our best plan. You will get six months of customized, progressive exercise workout programs specifically for you. You will learn the secrets of the Hystrength advanced training techniques that are so powerful you will only need eight to ten exercises per workout twice a week for optimal fitness. And just like the other plans, you will get nutrition guidance throughout your training program. If you do what we say, your body will be completely transformed. You will have a fit, toned body. This plan averages out to $50.00 a month for Sharon and $70.00 a month for Gregg Hoffman.

Gregg Hoffman           $420.00

Fitness Plans



40 minutes a week to buff 

Home workouts

Gym workouts

Nutrition  guidance

All designed to make your training program so effective, you will only need two workouts a week for a fit, shapely, healthy body.